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Fishing hut

(our communal space)

The Fishing hut is a communal area with the use of the football and pool table, or you can use the space to chill out by the fire on a comfy sofa. It also has a sheltered BBQ area for wet and windy days.

play area

Parents/Guardians are to ensure that children are supervised in the play area. It is not supervised and it is your responsibility to ensure that they do not hurt themselves or others

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Please feel free to light the firepit.

It is there for guests to use and enjoy. 



Sauna bathing and cold plunging. Enjoy the befits of relaxing in the sauna and standing under the waterfall or jumping into the pond. This can make you stronger, improve physical performance and endurance, and even bolster your immune system. Our woodburning sauna is available to book at a cost of £40 (the price includes the wood). The hot/cold experience elevates heart rate, adrenaline, and the release of endorphins, the hot and cold plunging technique has a way of triggering lymphatic circulation.


To book, please contact Shepherds Loch for details, or enquire at the campsite.


We have 4 ponds stocked with Rainbow and Brown Trout. Feel free to bring your fishing rod, we welcome amateur or professional anglers. Guests are allowed to keep one fish, after that, only catch and release is allowed. 

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Water activities

Guests are welcome to use the small boats, canoes, and kayaks at the campsite. Swimming is also allowed, as well as the use of their own watersport equipment. However, all water activities are done at their own risk, and guests are advised to wear life jackets at all times.


There is enough space to walk and explore at Shepherds Loch. Enjoy the countryside and respect the animals. 


We welcome pet dogs at Shepherd’s Loch, but they create additional cleaning, so a £15 charge is payable for dogs per stay. We also want to remind guests that the campsite sits within a working farm, therefore dogs must be kept on a lead at all times while outside. Bring poo bags, clean up after your dog and dispose of the bagged waste in the bins provided. While inside your accommodation, dogs are not allowed on the furniture. 

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Recycling + Bins

Please recycle as much as possible. We have a dedicated area for all rubbish and ask guests to remove their rubbish from the huts before departure. We provide blue bins for paper, card, and cardboard, metal tins, cans, aerosols and foil, food and drink cartons, plastic bottles, pots, tubs, and trays. We also provide bins to recycle glass. 


As far as possible, please keep vehicles out of the campsite and park in the parking area provided. Your vehicle is parked and left here at your own risk, we take all reasonable precautions to keep the site safe, but it is your responsibility. 


Farm + Environment 

Please note, that Shepherds Loch is on a working farm. Do not enter any fields, gated areas, or farm yeard without permission. The farm yard has various dangerous vehicles and machinery moving around, so please be aware when driving and walking.


Water safety is very important, please exercise caution and supervise children and non-swimmers at all times. Some parts of the lochs are deep. The facilities at Shepherd’s Loch are there to enjoy, but you do so at your own risk entirely. We ask that you extinguish fires and barbecues after use and ensure there is no litter left. Grass and trees are very combustible, especially during hot weather. We want to keep our little paradise beautiful for others to enjoy!

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