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About us

Hello! My name is Jamie Menzies and I’m proud to be the second generation to run our family’s friendly farm, Mid Clochforbie, which is situated near the beautiful Banffshire coast. My kids Alexander and Millie are hot on my heels and my mother Monica keeps us all in line!

Mid Clochforbie is a mixed farm which means that we rear livestock and grow crops. We keep sheep and cows and lately we’ve been looking after baby pigs. On the crop side, we grow grain and let land for tatties. In my father’s day, he built a malting dryer and store, still used today for barley which goes to be used in the production of whisky.

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The inspiration

During my time at the helm of Mid Clochforbie I’ve planted miles of hedgerows and trees, being of the belief that agriculture and wildlife in nature can live side by side, with room for both.


As a young man I was inspired by a trip I made to Africa. While there I stayed on a farm which had a lovely lock/dam at its hub. On my return to Scotland I badgered my dad to let me start digging and building and I’ve never stopped since!


We built a cabin, “The Fishing Hut” and have spent many happy times there with family and friends. Now with the addition of the yurt and glamping huts we are very excited to welcome visitors to Shepherd’s Loch to share this idyllic environment!

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Our Ethos

The ethos here is very much about appreciating life outdoors, sitting around a bonfire taking in the beauty of the loch whilst birds sing in the background accompanied by the sound of the babbling burn, as the picturesque waterwheel perpetually turns, generating electricity for the huts. Guests are encouraged to take advantage of our fresh farm produce and help themselves to eggs and veg. Shepherd’s Loch is the ideal getaway for families, friends, couples or individuals who want to escape the rigours of everyday life and get back to basics, cooking on wood-burners and barbecuing the open air. We all know that food tastes better when it’s eaten outside! Children will love the space to roam and run around and play and couples can enjoy the romance of sitting by the fire in the evenings, under the stars, being serenaded by the oystercatchers and curlews. All this and more can be experienced here.


Shepherd’s Loch truly is a magical place!

The Waterwheel 6_edited.jpg
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Reuse, Recycle

Shepherd’s Loch is my own work with the much appreciated assistance of friends. We like to keep things as sustainable as possible and reduce, reuse and recycle where we can, using as little plastic as we can. Energy sources on the farm include a biomass boiler and solar power. I’m about to plant a number of acres in native hardwood. In truth, I’m a bit of a tree hugger on the quiet! Over the last five years I’ve planted 16 acres per year of wildflowers to encourage the bees. We have hives here and you can buy our delicious honey. We also keep the local birdlife happy, having planted four acres of birdseed mix.

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